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Treblex Turbo Red is a water based non-flammable heavy duty degreaser which has proven to be highly effective in the removal of heavy grease, oils and soil deposits.
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Available in 5L, 20L, 200L and 1000L

A powerful water based non-flammable heavy duty liquid degreaser. The balanced formula has provided to be a highly effective general purpose cleaner for many useful applications. Treblex Turbo Red is known to be effective in the removal of heavy grease, oil and soil deposits.Non-flammable , biodegradable, compatible with hard and salt water, concentrated, economical in use, cleans all surfaces and food processing equipment. 

  • This product is approved for use in registered export meat establishments

Features: Treblex Turbo Red provides effective cleaning where water based products are preferred.

  • Non Flammable
  • Biodegradable
  • Compatible with hard and salt water
  • Concentrated-Economical in use
  • Cleans all surfaces and food processing equipment

When used as directed Treblex Turbo Red will be effective in the following applications:

  • Ideal for heavy duty cleaning of plant, machinery and workshops
  • Floor surfaces, such as workshops, industrial kitchens
  • Ideal for driveways and brick paving surfaces
  • Use with caution on painted surfaces, wash off promptly after use
  • Not recommended for use on aluminium or galvanised surfaces.

Dilution Rates:

Light Duty- 1:100 parts water

Medium Duty - 1:50 parts water

Heavy Duty - 1:10 parts water

When used in food processing establishments, rinse away all the Turbo Red residue with potable water. Treblex Turbo Red may adversely affect paint finishes if not rinsed off promptly as directed.
Below are some images of a demonstration using Turbo Red on some well used Weber BBQ cookware.
 Image 1: shows the before.
 Image 2: This was put in Turbo Red concentrate for 30 minutes. No scrubbing, just left to soak.
 Image 3: The pan was turned upside down and put back into the container of Turbo Red and water added to make the Turbo Red solution  50/50. This was left to soak for 3 hours. No scrubbing. As you can see Turbo Red is water activated and works at it best in this way.

turbo_red_demo___before.jpg   turbo_red_demo___100__conc.jpg  turbo_red___demo_50_50_mix.jpg