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Promotes smoother engine operation by reducing friction, metal wear and oil temperature
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Slip Oil Antiwear Additive is a blend of surface-modifying and anti corrosion agents designed to reduce metal-to-metal friction between all moving parts.


TREBLEX Slip Oil Antiwear Additive provides the following benefits:

· Reduces friction

· Reduces metal wear

· Reduces oil temperature

· Prolongs oil life

· Reduces fuel consumption

· Promotes smoother engine operation

· Neutralises harmful crankcase acids

· Reduces maintenance costs

· Increases power output

· Extends cutting tool life.

TREBLEX Slip Oil Antiwear Additive is suitable for use in engines (including 2-stroke engines), gearboxes, differentials (except limited slip differentials), bearings, pumps, etc.

TREBLEX Slip Oil Antiwear Additive may be used undiluted with excellent results in machine shops, for general drilling, tapping, punching, threading and broaching, and for low or high speed lathe work. It is suitable for use on bits, blades, lathe tools and hole saws. By reducing friction, TREBLEX Slip Oil Antiwear Additive reduces cutting tool temperatures and extends tool life substantially.