Our Product Range

For use in most Parts wash machines or manually as cleaning solvent.
Industry Solutions: Automotive

 Available in: 20L and 200L

A mixes aromatic, paraffin, napthenic hydrocarbon solvent for use in most parts wash machines. It is a medium - low aromatic solvent. It combines good solvency for solvent degreaser applications.
TREBLEX Parts Wash can be used when effective low cost cleaning is required. It is a slow drying solvent degreaser for heavy work. Low evaporation minimises waste.
TREBLEX Parts Wash does not leave any residue like heating oil. Flash point 61°C - combustable goods regulated for storage only.
Boiling range 198-237°C

TREBLEX offers a range of products suitable for use in all areas of the workshop. Including cleaners, degreasers, hand cleaners, products for vehicle detailing, specialty clean up or spill products and many more.
Below is just a few of the range. Should you wish to know more about any other products, please do not hesitate to look at our website at www.treblex.com.au or contact the office direct.

LITHPLEX PURPLE GREASE                                                                   Code: TGLPP450

TREBLEX Lithplex Purple is recommended for use in automotive and industrial applications where extra heavy duty service or high temperatures, high loads and water spray or ingress are encountered.
TREBLEX Lithplex Purple is suitable for rolling element bearings, plain bearings, chassis parts, gears and couplings. Because of its outstanding EP, corrosion and water-resistant properties it is particularly suitable where water is present such as steel mills, underground tunnelling, cement, mining, sugar and ore crushing plants.
The recommended operating temperature range is from -15ºC to 170ºC. Lithplex Purple grease can endure higher temperatures for short periods or if the lubrication frequency is increased.

TURBO RED & MULTI CLEAN QB                                                     Code:TTR & TMCQB

TREBLEX TURBO RED is a powerful water based heavy duty liquid degreaser formulated for effective removal of heavy grease, oil and soil deposits. Turbo Red is a  Non-Flammable degreaser. Ideal for heavy duty cleaning of plant, machinery and workshops. Floor surfaces, such as workshops, industrial kitchens. Ideal for driveways and brick paving surfaces. Turbo Red activates best when mixed with water. Use with caution on painted surfaces, wash off promptly after use. Not recommended for use on aluminium or galvanised surfaces.
TREBLEX  MULTI CLEAN Q/B is a super strength all powerful quick break detergent degreaser. Ideally suited for use in all Automotive and Industrial applications requiring a heavy duty all-purpose cleaner.
Can be used for the removal of all oil and grease residues on floors, walls, vehicles, locomotives, stationary engines and compressors. May be diluted for brushing. Suitable for use in spray applicator. Can be used in high pressure cleaners.

Treblex has an ongoing objective to develop a range of aerosols with the emphasis on health, safety and performance. We are constantly in touch with our market to ensure we meet market expectations in the areas of effectiveness, product performance, price, and service.
Many aerosol manufacturers continue to use chlorinated solvents despite a constant number of reports showing them to be carcinogenic or suspected carcinogens. These reported suspect solvents are still widely used and are not generally properly explained or understood in the general marketplace.

Treblex Aerosols contain NO chlorinated solvents.                                                                                               

Safety: Please Read Material Safety Data Sheet before use. Keep out of reach of children.