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Multi Wrap self fusing silicone tape
MEGALOC Multi -Wrap is a self-fusing,self-bonding silicone repair tape.
Industry Solutions: Marine, Automotive, Transport, Engineering & workshops, Mining & Industrial

25mm x 3m
Megaloc Multi-Wrap is a self-fusing, self-bonding silicone repair tape that forms a permanent air and water tight seal in seconds. It can be used to repair leaks on plumbing and hoses, insulate electrical wiring, wrap tool handles and much much more.
Available in a range of colours.


  • Stretches up to 300%
  • Temperature resistant to 200ºC (260ºC intermittently)
  • Resists fuel, oils, acids, solvents, salt water, UV rays.
  • Insulates to 8000 volts.
  • Withstands pressure to 700PSI (4.9Mpa)
  • Self-fusing- No adhesive

Typical Applications:

  • Emergency hose repairs
  • Sealing leaky pipes
  • Protective overwrap for electrical wiring
  • Handle grips on sports equipment
  • Tool handle wrap
  • Cable insulation
  • Works even on dirty, wet or oily surfaces