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Cyberbond MRO complete workshop kit

The Cyberbond MRO ( Maintenance Repair and Overhaul) Toolbox Kit is every Tradies and Miner's friend, containing all the essential products for maintenance, repair and overhaul packed in an easy to carry lockable toolbox.

The MRO Toolbox Lit includes the following products in a convenient lockable toolbox:

TM11 Threadlocker  50ml         Low Strength
                                                Medium Viscosity
Use on small diameter fasteners where easy disassembly is required.
TM44 Threadlocker  50ml         Medium Strength
                                                Medium Viscosity
For use on fasteners up to M20
TH62 Threadlocker  50ml          High Strength
                                                 High Viscosity
For use on fasteners, nut, bolts & studs to M36
SM40 Hydraulic Sealant   50ml    Medium Strength
                                                    Medium Viscosity
For locking & sealing hydraulic & pneumatic fittings.
RH86 Retaining Compound  50ml     High Strength
                                                        High Viscosity
Use to bond cylindrical parts, bearings etc.
SH27 Pipe Sealant.   50ml       
Medium strength pipe sealant for high pressure sealing of threaded metal fittings against loosening, leakage & corrosion.
SH58 Flange Sealant.  50ml
Multi purpose instant gasket for close fitting rigid metal faces & flanges.
Nickel Anti-Seize    35g             
Premium grade high temperature Anti-Seize, particularly suited on stainless steel.
Silver Anti-Seize    250g
General purpose Anti-Seize
CyberFix / CyberFill   20/30g
Will bond most common materials and when used with the filling powder will fill gaps, cracks, joints & holes. Bonds in seconds.
Cyberbond 9999    100g   Universal Cleaner & Degreaser. This is an ozone friendly cleaner & degreaser.