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Metal Free Anti Seize - high temperature
Industry Solutions: Mining & Industrial, Engineering & workshops, Marine
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35g Pump,

250g & 500g brush top tin

EAL METAL FREE ANTI-SEIZE is a high purity, metal-free, anti-seize compound and assembly paste. The product is manufactured from micronized ceramic particles compounded in a non-melt synthetic grease base. Product contains solid lubricating additives for use at extremely high temperatures up to 1500°C: the synthetic grease burns off leaving the ceramic particles to act as the anti-seize.

EAL METAL FREE ANTI-SEIZE contains no metal, providing an ‘insulating’ layer between dissimilar metals thereby preventing the potential for electrolytic corrosion.

EAL METAL FREE ANTI-SEIZE uses include on anti-lock braking systems, ASR traction control, machinery, all studs, nuts, bolts and other threaded connections found in marine, automotive, mining and industrial applications including turbine casing studs, burner nozzles, boiler inspection points and furnace bolts.

Features and Benefits

Wide Operating Temperature Range (up to 1500°C).

Excellent Oxidation Stability.

Metal Free.

Electrolytic Corrosion Resistant.

Protects against galling, seizure and corrosion.

Environment is not exposed to heavy metal pollution.

Safer for workers – no exposure to heavy metals.

Instructions for use

EAL METAL FREE ANTI-SEIZE should be used as supplied. Ensure all surfaces are clean, dry and free from loose debris. Apply thin, even coating via a brush or cloth.