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A premium, high melting point, lithium complex NLGI 2 Grease
Industry Solutions: Automotive, Transport

Available sizes: 450g cartridge, 2.5Kg, 18Kg and 180Kg

Lithplex 2 Blue TAC is a premium, high melting point, lithium complex NLGI 2 grease. It is a high temperature grease and has been designed to meet the demands of the most hostile grease applications and conditions.

Lithplex 2 Blue TAC formulation features components that provide extreme pressure (EP) and anti-wear (AW) protection, tackiness and adhesiveness agents that allow the grease to stay-put under high water pressure conditions. In addition to its EP, AW and exceptional water resistance properties, Lithplex 2 Blue TAC also provides a high level of oxidation, rust and corrosion protection.

Lithplex 2 Blue TAC is a truly remarkable grease with advanced component technology that will provide outstanding service in the most demanding applications particularly for expensive and key equipment.

The state-of-the-art equipment and procedures employed to manufacture Lithplex 2 Blue TAC provide this grease with a high degree of mechanical and storage stability. It will not breakdown under high mechanical stress. In storage it will not alter consistency or release oil.