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South East Asia only- Penetrates, lubricates and removes sticky gum buildup to
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Available in South East Asia only

Penetrates, lubricates and removes sticky gum buildup to help maintain proper clearances and quietens top end noise. Promotes free movement of lifters and PCV valves.

TREBLEX Lifter Free acts by removing deposits allows full and rapid oil flow to all working parts. The effect of strong oxidising conditions on engine lubricating oil plus the presence of partly burnt (oxidised) petrol means the formation of gums and varnishes. TREBLEX Lifter Free will remove these gums and varnishes, thus helping maintain clearances and giving quiet and efficient operation.

When TREBLEX Lifter Free is used, the solvency properties of Lifter Free are carefully balanced to ensure a controlled dissolving action is achieved. The gums and varnishes are dissolved once again allowing full and rapid oil flow.


TREBLEX Lifter Free is a blend of penetrants and lubricants which provide the following benefits to overcome the detrimental effects of sludge, gum and varnish deposits:

· Helps remove sticky deposits.

· Promotes free movement of filters and PCV valves.

· Helps maintain proper clearances.

· Enhances proper lubrication and top-end quietness.