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TREBLEX Lemon On is a multi purpose economical disinfectant and cleaner. It has hard working anti bacterial agents which leave surfaces clean and germ-free. Lemon On has been specially formulated for the toughest cleaning jobs– like disinfecting toilet areas, showers and washrooms.


· Lemon On mixes well with hot or cold water.

· Lemon On leaves behind that pleasant

‘just cleaned’ fragrance which tells you a top class disinfectant has been at work.

· High performance, multi purpose cleaner.

· Fast acting & economical.

· Disinfects, cleans, deodorises all in one.

· A clear yellow liquid.


Economical to use.

For clean conditions: dilute 1 part Lemon On to 80 parts water.(1:80) -125ml Lemon On to 10L water.

For normal use: dilute 1 part Lemon On to 40 parts water.(1:40) - 250ml Lemon On to 10L water.

For heavy soils: dilute 1 part Lemon On to 10 parts water. (1:10) - 1L Lemon On to 10L water.