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A powerful alkaline ultra heavy-duty water based cleaning solution.
Industry Solutions: Transport, Mining & Industrial
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Available in 5Lt, 20Lt, 200Lt and 1000Lt

Powerful alkaline ultra heavy-duty water based cleaning solution suitable for the toughest degreasing applications. This product is a non-flammable, non toxic quick break cleaning compound which converts oil and grease into water soluble solutions.

  • Non-flammable.
  • Quick Break.
  • Converts oil and grease into a water solution.
  • Water Soluble bio-degradable.
  • Non Toxic.
  • May be used where solvent based products are restricted in use due to environmental or local authority by-laws.


  • Heavy duty degreasing of plant, equipment and parts.
  • Highly effective degreaser on heavily soiled workshop floors and walls.
  • Suitable for use as a heavy duty bilge cleaner.
  • Suitable for use by brushing, spraying or high pressure cleaners.
  • Use with caution on painted surfaces, wash off promptly after use.

Dilution rates:

  • Light Duty  1 : 100 parts water.
  • Medium Duty  1 : 50 parts water.
  • Heavy Duty  1 : 10 parts water