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For South East Asian Locations - Fuel booster Concentrate improves power, responsiveness and improves fuel economy for all vehicles.
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TREBLEX Fuel Booster Concentrate improves power and responsiveness and improves fuel economy for all vehicles.
The fact is that all fuels have a portion of water dissolved or emulsified in them and this passes through the injectors. As long as the water in small amounts is dissolved or emulsified in nano particles in a stable solution then there is no problem for it to go through the injectors.
Treblex Fuel Booster concentrate emulsifies and does not suspend the water so the solution is completely stable and will not come out to form free water.
Treblex Fuel Booster Concentrate also has corrosion inhibitors added to make sure that there is no chance of corrosion occurring throughout the fuel system. One problem of emulsifying the water is that you lose some lubrication. Treblex Fuel Booster Concentrate has lubricants added that increase the lubricity of the fuel.

TREBLEX Fuel Booster Concentrate provides the following benefits:

  • Designed to suit all liquid hydrocarbon fuels
  • Enhances cleaner, more efficient combustion
  • Helps reduce bio-fouling
  • Retards ageing of fuel
  • Helps clean tanks and lines
  • Reduces harmful exhaust emissions
  • Helps neutralise acids
  • Disperses moisture in fuel tanks and lines
  • Helps prevent formation of unwanted deposits.

The presence of water in fuel (from, for example, condensation in the tank, leaks, etc) allows the fouling of fuel tanks, lines and filters through the propagation of biological organisms such as Cladisporum resinae, facilitates the formation of sulphur acids and accelerates corrosion.  Treblex Fuel Booster Concentrate has superior water uptake ability over traditional fuel additives.
Fuel Booster Concentrate is also more effective than other products at neutralizing the harmful effects of acids in aged or high sulphur fuels, and in removing existing gum, and varnish deposits as well as reducing their formation.