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Dynatex DIELECTRIC Grease
Dielectric grease is ideal for automotive and marine applications
Industry Solutions: Marine, Automotive, Engineering & workshops
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Available in 2g, 10g,142g, 236g

Dynatex® Dielectric Grease is a silicon dioxide thickened, very high molecular weight dimethyl polysiloxane based material. It is an extremely stiff, tacky, tenacious compound with excellent water repellency, even to seawater. It has outstanding high temperature and vacuum capabilities as well.


• Moisture proof

· Resists acid and alkaline

· Prevents corrosion

· Prevents fusing of spark wires to spark plugs

· Ideal for automotive and marine applications

· Displaces moisture in ignition & electrical systems

· Maintains consistency in extreme temperatures

· Keeps battery terminals corrosion free

· Prevents voltage leakage


· Spark plug boots

· Distributor cap nipples

· Battery terminals

· Ignition coil connectors

· Headlamp connectors

· Trailer electrical connectors

· Bulb sockets

· High energy ignition systems

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