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Used as a cleaner for beer lines and also as a glass wash detergent.

 Available in: 15L

Duet is a 3 in 1 product designed for manual glass soaking, automatic glass washing and beer line cleaning.

It quickly dissolves residues leaving glasses and beer lines clean and fresh.

Duet is easy to use â because itâs a water based product it mixes instantly with water to provide a cleaning strength solution.

Soaking Glassware

Dilute Duet in a sink at 1:80 (125ml/10L) Soak the glassware for 5-10minutes, then remove from the solution and rinse well with clean water.

Automatic Glasswashing

For glasswashing machines refer to the manufacturers specifications and dilute Duet accordingly.

Beerline Cleaning

Drain the residual beer from the pump and lines. Rinse with water and blow out with carbon dioxide. Make up a solution of one part Duet to 25 parts water. Circulate the solution through the lines. Leave the solution in the beer lines for at least 2hours. Drain the solution from the lines and thoroughly flush the system with clean water before refilling the lines with beer.