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A blend of hydrocarbon solvent,solubilisers and surfactants to assist in a wide range of cleaning.
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 Available in 20L

TREBLEX BIG BLUE PREMIUM DEGREASER is ideal for extreme clean-up operations on engines, heavy machinery, compressors and workshop equipment, concrete floors and driveways. Blended with aromatic hydrocarbon solvents, added solubilisers and surfactants to assist in the emulsification and removal of a wide range of soilage.



BIG BLUE PREMIUM DEGREASER is ideal for extreme cleanup operations.

  •  Safe on all metals.
  •  Will not damage paintwork when used as directed.
  •  Rinses off easily in cold water (even seawater).
  •  Rapidly dissolves oils, greases, lubricants etc.
  •  Low evaporation rate.
  •  Contains no chlorinated solvents.
  •  Suitable for industrial use.


When used as directed BIG BLUE DEGREASER will be effective in the following applications;

  •  Heavy duty degreasing of plant, equipment and parts.
  •  Highly effective degreaser on heavily soiled workshop floors and walls.
  •  Suitable for use by brushing, spraying or high pressure cleaning.
  •  Use with caution on painted surfaces, wash off promptly after use.


  • For heavy soiling, apply by brush, allow to penetrate for 1 to 2 minutes, then hose off with a strong jet of water.
  • When used on painted surfaces, use an immediate cold water rinse.