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Treblex PU Foam in a 750 ml can, is B2 fire rated expanding foam with high bonding strength.Also Non-Flammable.

TREBLEX B2 FIRE RATED NON -FLAMMABLE EXPANDING PU FOAM is a high quality one component polyurethane foam is for use in filling and sealing of joints, gaps where a fire rated product is required. After dispensing, PU FOAM rapidly expands and cures quickly into a fine honeycomb structure. PU will retain its long term properties after curing no crumbling shrinking or decay. PU FOAM will provide an excellent seal against smoke and gas. PU FOAM exhibits good adhesion to concrete, plaster, brick, wood, metal, rigid PVC and glass. Treblex PU FOAM meets the requirements of DIN 4102-1 B2 for Construction Materials . Fire rated up to 2 hours in certain joint configurations. Can be applied by gun applicator or by manually, by straw.

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When used as directed Treblex PU Foam can be used for the following applications:                                                

  • Bulk filling of voids, cavities.

  • Underground Mining in Drilling applications as it is a Non-flammable product.

  • Sealing of air conditioners and ventilation ducts.

  • Fire resistant Installing of window and door frames.

  • Fire and smoke retardant sealing of connections between partition walls, ceilings and floors.

  • Fire retardant sealing of all openings in roof constructions, cable and pipe penetrations and creation of sound proof screen.

  • Improving thermal insulation in cold stores.

  • Application of sound deadening layers.

  • Stopping of various harmful insects

  • Securing pipes and holes.

  • Insulating when installing switches and sockets.