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Treblex KLEEN AIR Anti-Bacterial Deodoriser for use in all air conditioning systems.
Industry Solutions: Automotive

150g aerosol can

An airborne Anti-Bacterial Deodoriser, NON-FLAMMABLE, for use in all air conditioning systems including household, marine, automobiles and trucks. This aerosol will eliminate odours, deodorises all internal ductwork and evaporator. Ideal for use in fleet cars and  hire cars.

Directions for use in a vehicle:


  • Run air conditioner on recirculating with windows and doors closed.
  • Place the aerosol in the foot well of the vehicle.(not directly under the dash).
  • Depress aerosol nozzle until it locks, to activate the spray.
  • Shut the vehicle door and allow aerosol to empty completely.
  • Allow system to run for a further five minutes.