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Food Grade Silicone spray that provides a thin odourless protective coating.
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350g Aerosol

TREBLEX Food Grade Silicone provides a safe, thin, odourless lubricating protective coating. Suitable to be used in heavy duty applications in food manufacturing industries. This highly concentrated Food Grade Silicone is also ideal for textile, transport and marine applications, anywhere a safer, Food Grade Silicone product is required that does not contain any unsafe carcinogenic products. 

 When used as directed TREBLEX Food Grade Silicone will lubricate, waterproof, restore and penetrate in the following applications:

  • Bottling machines, conveyors, slicers, ovens, rails, pulleys, strapping machines and all food manufacturing and packing equipment.
  • Lubricates plastic, nylon, rubber, wood and metal, plastic gears, tools and locks. Heavy duty applications, truck strapping ratchets, curtainer rings
  • Preserves, restores and protects rubber, vinyl, dashboards, seals and plastic parts, Imparts glossy shine to plastics and metals.
  • Release agent, stops glass, plastic, and wood sticking, e.g. mould release.
    Anti static breaks static dust attraction cycle, suitable for fabrics.

    360° valve, use inverted if needed.