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Treblex Industrial carry a wide range of greases for Mining,Drilling, Industrial, Automotive and Manufacturing.Available from 200g to 180kg.

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Dielectric grease is ideal for automotive and marine applications

Excellent Food Grade white lubricant providing outstanding extreme...

Extra Heavy Duty Lithium Complex Grease

A premium, high melting point, lithium complex NLGI 2 Grease

Protection against corrosion and metal to metal contact in diamond...

Premium Lithium Soap thickened NLGI 2 Grease

High performance Lithium complex soap base grease.

To be used on rubber parts such as seals and washers, dust covers,...

Premium Lithium EP OO, and O grease are very soft greases. They are...

HIGH GRADE COPPER ANTI-SEIZE effective up to 800deg C.