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Treblex Lithplex Blue TAC 2 is a premium, high melting point lithium complex NLGI 2 grease. It is a high-temperature grease and has been designed to meet the demands of the most hostile grease applications and conditions.

Lithplex 2 Blue TAC formulation features components that provide extreme pressure (EP) and anti-wear (AW) protection, tackiness and adhesiveness agents that allow the grease to stay put under high water pressure conditions.

In addition to its EP, AW and exceptional water resistance properties, Lithplex 2 Blue TAC also provides a high level of oxidation, rust and corrosion protection. Lithplex 2 Blue TAC is a truly remarkable grease with advanced component technology that will provide outstanding service in the most demanding applications, particularly for expensive and key equipment.

The state-of-the-art equipment and procedures employed to manufacture Lithplex 2 Blue TAC provide this grease with high mechanical and storage stability. It will not break down under high mechanical stress. In storage, it will not alter the consistency or release oil.

Available in 450g, 2.5kg, 18kg & 180kg

Product Specifications

  • Extreme pressure grease
  • Anti-wear
  • protects against oxidation
  • State of the art manufactured
  • Does not break down
Part Number: TGLB2.5, TGLB18, TGLB180


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