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TREBLEX GUARDIAN was designed to generally exceed the broad range of national, international and OEM standards so workshops can SAVE MONEY by having one coolant to do a wide range of vehicles. (Ref Standards list)

GUARDIAN is recommended for all general aftermarket servicing the trucking, mining, transport and general automotive industries. GUARDIAN has a maximum service life of 4 years, 1,000,000km, 12000 hours or whichever comes first in a well maintained engine cooling circuit at 50% v/v.

Treblex advises against indiscriminate mixing of different coolant formulations. Mixing different coolants may cause precipitation of inhibitor components and potentially result in overheating and reduced corrosion protection.

Available in 20L and 200L

Product Specifications

  • Lasts up to 48 months
  • Or 1,000,000 kms
  • Organic Additive Technology
  • Suits all light and heavy duty applications

Mix Ratio

  • mix @ 50/50 for 50% concentration provides 1,000,000kms or 12,000 hours of service life for heavy-duty truck and bus applications
  • mix @ 33/67 for 33% concentration gives a service life of 3 years / 100,000 km for petrol and light vehicles
Part Number: TGHD20, TGHD200


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