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BARC is formulated specifically to remove Bitumen and Asphalt. To be used on all Equipment associated with the application of bitumen and asphalt.

It also removes bitumen from concrete, pavings, kerbs and brick. Workshop floors and bench tops. It can be used for coating as well as cleaning equipment.

Product Specifications

  • Derived primarily from natural edible plant oils and therefore are free of VOC and the customary traditional solvents.
  • Performance exceeds the effectiveness of hydrocarbon-based bitumen and asphalt removers.
  • The main difference is that BARC solvents are derived from edible plant oils and are regarded by many of its users as the best in its class.
  • Non Toxic Hydrocarbon Free. Non Caustic, Non Flammable, Biodegradable, environmentally friendly, Non-carcinogenic Microbial action effectively reduces the waste to a Non-polluting product.
  • Costs less than kerosene or diesel when used as directed.
  • Environmentally responsible, Non-hazardous. Non Flammable.

How it works

BARC has a similar molecular structure to bitumen, resulting in the rapid penetration of the bitumen down to the adhered surface. Spreading itself between the bitumen and the surface effectively lifts the bitumen from the surface. Holding the particles in solution allows them to be removed to waste or can be separated, allowing the bitumen to be recycled.

Being Chemically similar allows the bitumen to dissolve in the BARC. Once rinsed off, it leaves behind a film that makes for easier subsequent cleaning. As a direct superior replacement for Kerosene/Diesel, it not only speeds up the whole cleaning action,  making it easier the next time around too, and so making effective savings in labour and downtime.

Part Number: TBARC20

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