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NON-Flammable Contact Cleaner

TREBLEX Non-Flammable Contact Cleaner is suitable for use in all electrical appliances. The product has NO FLASH POINT, is NON-FLAMMABLE and does not contain any lubricants. 

TREBLEX Non-Flammable Contact Cleaner is a technically superior, stable, inert, high-purity cleaning solvent with no lubricants. This can be used as a precision cleaner for all powered electrical and electronic equipment. In addition, Treblex Non-Flammable Contact Cleaner has rapid and complete evaporation.

Product Specifications

  • Non Flammable, no flash point.
  • Large 450gm can.
  • Chemically stable, non-corrosive and non-conductive.
  • Contains no methyl chloroform or CFC 113.
  • Fast evaporating highly refined solvents leave no residue.
  • Superior non-staining cleaning solvent.
  • Helps prevent contact failure by dissolving and flushing away contaminants.
  • Instantly removes grease, oil, dirt, flux and other potential contaminants.
  • 360 Degree Valve means you can use the can in any direction, even upside down! 
Part Number: TCCNF


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