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Innovative Workshop Aerosols

Heavy Duty WD Lube

This product provides superior lubrication, outstanding penetration capabilities and moisture-repellent action. In addition, heavy duty WD will give heavy-duty anti-corrosion protection.

Product Specifications

  • Penetrates and lubricates all rusted metal surfaces.
  • Extremely resistant to hot and cold water, seawater and salt spray.
  • Effectively and quickly disperses water and prevents corrosion
  • Superior to all ordinary W.D. products.
  • Penetrates quickly into hard-to-access places.
  • 360 Degree Valve means you can use the can in any direction, even upside down! 


  • Efficiently penetrates and dissolves rust and corrosion.
  • Leaves a longer-lasting protective and anti-corrosion film.
  • Frees rusted and frozen nuts, bolts, chains, locks, hinges and latches.
  • Lubricates, frees and loosens all seized machinery.
  • Suitable for use in Marine, Mining and all extreme Industrial conditions.
  • Gives superior performance to all industrial lubrication applications.
Part Number: THDWD


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