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Mon, 15 Feb 2016

TREBLEX INDUSTRIAL continues to add new products to their range.

Recent NEW additions are the Non-Flammable Brake and Parts Cleaner and Non-Flammable Kleen air. Check out the Aerosol range for more information on these items.

360 valve, use inverted if needed 

Brake and Parts Cleaner
A specially formulated product that does not contain chlorinated solvents. Designed to quickly and safely dissolve and remove grease, oil and contaminants from brakes, parts and slides and forklift chains.

Brake and Parts Cleaner Heavy Duty
•  Treblex new formulation H.D Brake & Parts Cleaner is made with highly refined solvents, alcohols, ketones and organic compounds all of which make this product an extremely effective and safe to use.
•  H.D Brake & Parts Cleaner is unlike many other brake cleaners produced with solvents containing known carcinogens and/or neurotoxins.
•  It is designed to quickly and safely dissolve and remove grease oil and contaminants from brakes, parts, slides and chains.
•  It is ideal for use in the heaviest duty industrial applications.
•  It evaporates away slower than our standard product allowing more time to work on heavy soilage. It does not need to be washed off like degreasing products.

Carburettor & Throttle Body Cleaner
Specifically formulated to quickly and easily dissolve carburettor deposits inside and outside. It will remove sludge, grease, varnish, gum and dirt build up.

Heavy Duty W.D. Lube
This product provides superior lubrication outstanding penetration capabilities and moisture repellent action. Heavy Duty WD will give heavy duty anti corrosion protection.

Battery Terminal Protector
Designed to give maximum protection against battery failure and maintain electrical voltage performance by protecting terminals, brackets and cables from corrosion.

Silicone Lube Plus
A multi purpose premium grade silicone spray that provides a thin, colourless lubricating protective coating that may be used for simple household lubrication. Can also be used for heavy duty applications in industry, including the printing and textile industries.

An exceptional lubricant with superior synthetic polymer technology that has tenacious adhesive qualities that resist fling off. The extreme pressure additives protect parts subjected to vibration and shock loading. Also contains anti-wear and anti-corrosion chemistry.

Moly Chain Lube
This product is reinforced with molybdenum disulphide an exceptionally tough lubricant with adhesive qualities limiting wear to all surfaces by reducing friction and extending component life.

Electra Clean 
Electra Clean is a Non Flammable, safe replacement for products containing carbon tetrachloride.This product has NO FLASH POINT and is NON FLAMMABLE. For use in cleaning electrical motors and electrical equipment

Electrical Contact Cleaner
This product is a technically superior, fast drying, non residual precision cleaning solvent. When used as directed it will quickly and safely remove contaminants from boards, switches and plugs. Ensure equipment is turned off as this formula is flammable. Use Treblex Contact cleaner NF if a non flammable product is needed.

Non Flammable Contact Cleaner
This technically superior, stable, inert, high purity cleaning solvent is suitable for use in all electrical appliances. This product has NO FLASH POINT, is NON FLAMMABLE and contains no lubricants.

Marine Guard
A heavy duty multi purpose NON-FLAMMABLE product providing superior lubrication and heavy duty corrosion protection for metal surfaces. Will protect against damage caused by water and airborne salt spray which causes corrosion damage to all types of marine and industrial equipment.

Heavy Duty Lanolin Aerosol
Treblex Heavy Duty Lanolin Aerosol contains pure (USP) pharmaceutical grade lanolin with a safe high purity solvent. Heavy Duty Lanolin is a multi purpose natural product designed to lubricate and provide protective coatings to most surfaces.

Kleen Air Non Flammable
An airborne Anti-Bacterial Deodoriser for use in all air conditioning systems including household, marine, automobiles and trucks. This aerosol will eliminate odours, deodorises all internal ductwork and evaporator.