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Treblex Industrial Pty Ltd has become a reliable recognised supplier of an extensive range of aerosols including Non-Flammable, sought after industrial cleaning products, specially blended greases, environmentally friendly cleaning products, and solvent degreasers.




Treblex Industrial Pty Ltd is a Western Australian company based in Perth. We have been established now for over 15 years. We are proud to provide a  range of high quality, competitively priced products which have proven to be suitable to use in many areas including Mining, Industrial, Marine, Transport, Automotive, Electrical, Engineering, Earthmoving and Civil  Contracting operations.

The Treblex Range of products has been under constant development and refinement by the owners of the company in conjunction with our suppliers, chemists and contacts within the industry.

Treblex has at all times strived to wherever possible to always select the safest and most environmentally responsible approach to the selection of all materials. Treblex is committed to remain proactive and focused on every environmental and personal safety situations when developing our range of products.

The Treblex product range includes Aerosols, Solvent Degreaser, Waterbased Degreasers, Specialised Greases, Hand Cleaners, Car & Truck Wash, Food Grade Cleaners & Greases and a range of Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products.

Treblex Industrial Pty Ltd has after many years in the business developed an extensive range of Automotive products. All of these products have been used and tested over many years and have proven to perform reliably in all conditions. All products are monitored closely to keep abreast of changes within the Automotive Industry. This range of Automotive products is also exported to countries in Asia and has become very successful against all competitive products.

The company has developed a very extensive range of specialised lubricants and environmentally responsible products suitable for use in many varied fields like Mining, Industrial, Marine, Transport, Automotive, Electrical, Engineering, Earthmoving and Civil Contracting operations. As with all Treblex products they are monitored constantly to ensure their performance and effectiveness is upgraded as required.

Treblex Industrial has successfully introduced into the Australian market an extensive range of high quality, environmentally responsible Aerosols. Treblex at all times utilise the latest technology in solvent manufacture where possible.

Treblex Industrial has also been appointed as the West Australian state distributor for the complete Cyberbond range of products.

Treblex Industrial Pty Ltd can also offer a product formulation and problem solving service to suit clients' specific cost, performance or application requirements. Please contact us with your specific problems and requirements to allow us to assist you.