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Treblex has a range of industrial accessories.

Use of this product will help increase fuel efficiency and reduce...

Ideal for brightening and cleaning aluminium and stainless steel...

A non-residual, rapidly evaporating cleaning solvent.

Formulated specifically to remove Bitumen and Asphalt.

15kg vacuum packed soft cotton rags.

Effectively cleans oil, grease, and grime from bilges. engines,...

Treblex Brake & Parts Cleaner quickly dissolves grease & oil from...

New formulation Heavy Duty Brake and Parts cleaner.

A natural citrus-based hand cleaner for heavy duty applications.

A technically superior, fast drying, non residual precision...

A 98.5% pure zinc galvanising compound for long lasting rust...

Emulsifies moisture in fuel tanks and fuel lines improving fuel...

Carton Size: 12 x 250ml

Carton Size: 10 x 1 Litre

A powerful bio-degradable truckwash that gives a steak free finish.

A Premium blended granulated Oil Soaker Product.

A powerful alkaline ultra heavy-duty water based cleaning solution.

A strong but gentle hair shampoo and body soap.

Pharmaceutical grade Lanolin with a safe high purity solvent.